Who is doing this broadband assessment?

The Madison County government is responsible for this assessment in conjunction with our partner: New York based ECC Technologies, Inc. 


Why is this assessment taking place?

The County wants to ensure its citizens have the same capabilities to access broadband services as others in the state.  This assessment allows the County to review input directly from our citizens in order to advance the availability of broadband.

In remote areas, broadband is connecting rural students with online courses, expanding access to the world’s best hospitals and turning once-waning main streets into vibrant hubs of opportunity. Studies show that as rural communities adopt and use broadband services, incomes go up and unemployment falls.

— U.S. Telecom Media September 28 2017


I am concerned about privacy.

It is important for every citizen to use all means possible to protect their personally identifiable information.  The County does not release information from this assessment to any third party.  The County will make the aggregated results of the study available at the conclusion of this project.

Why do you need my address?

We ask for your address to help us align the responses and identify where the greatest needs are in the County.  

Why do I need broadband services?

Broadband access is increasingly a part of everyday life.  Uses of broadband range from education (e.g. support of New York’s educational and textbook initiatives), to health care, to entertainment.

A connected community is also more attractive to businesses, enhancing opportunities to attract new companies, and strengthening efforts to retain existing ones.

How much will broadband cost taxpayers?

Madison County will be working diligently to pursue public-private partnerships which will minimize, and perhaps eliminate, any direct costs to taxpayers to build broadband infrastructure.  Broadband deployments generally rely on revenues earned from services subscribed by business and residential customers for funding repayments of loans for construction and operating costs.


What is a Champion?

A broadband champion is an individual who supports efforts to bring better broadband to Madison County. 

A champion may put a sign in their yard, stuff envelopes, or may just be willing to talk to their friends and neighbors about the importance of broadband.

In order to bring better broadband to Madison County, your help is invaluable. Please contact your county board of supervisors; your town alderman; your county administrators, and even your State Assemblymen.

If you indicate your interest on the survey assessment, we will contact you directly. Your name is not provided to anyone else, nor is it released in a list for any third party use. We simply maintain the list to contact you for your help in promoting better broadband here in Madison County.